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Wauquiez builds true blue water offshore sailboats: from molding to structure, rig to deck fittings, impressive quality components are a constant leitmotif in the building process of your Pilot Saloon as an excellence sailboat to make your world cruise unique.



The floors and stringers are glassed and / or bonded to the hull, as well as the bulkheads. The keel is attached to the hull with stainless steel bolts, and all rigging and appendages stresses are perfectly spread throughout an interconnected structure.

The hull

The hull is laid up with biphenolic resins for the outer layers to help protect your boat in the long run. Today, our French shipyard uses as well the ‘‘infusion’’ process, which not only helps protect the environment, but also ensures an optimum resin /glass-fiber ratio, as well as an exceptional stiffness (balsa sandwich) and important weight savings.

The deck

The balsa sandwich technique used for stiffness also gives perfect sound and thermic insulation and reduces any top-heavy tendencies, thereby adding to the stability of your livable sailboat. The hull / deck joint is mechanically fastened and bonded. And if you have decided to go for teak side decks, it is important to know that each slat is fitted separately, in the true luxury yacht tradition.


You will seldom find better rig and equipment than that fitted on our luxury yachts : only the best is good enough. This choice of top quality gear guarantees excellent back-up service during your cruises, in any port of call around the world.


The interior just shows how much pride a Wauquiez craftsman takes in a job well done. Bulkheads and cabinetwork are fitted and varnished with the utmost care. The work is as pleasing to the eye as to the touch! Numerous hatches and portholes provide plenty of natural light and the additional warmth of halogen lighting creates a wonderful ambience to enhance the inimitable quality of each Wauquiez livable sailboat.